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Gerson China

For the very first time in history, a systematic Gerson Therapy training was brought into China, thanks to the joint effort of Max Gerson Foundation and Gerson China, as a tremendous effort of responsibly promoting the therapy and benefiting the most populated country on earth! After four days of theoretical and five days of practical training, a total of 11 Gerson Health Trainers were certified and ready to serve.

Due to an impressive demand, Gerson will organize its second Gerson Health Trainer training in Shenzhen, China from Jan 12-20, 2019, with the objective of disseminating the therapy and providing the market with qualified Gerson specialists. It consists of a three and a half day theory session and a five day practical session. The training will be in dual language and welcome participants all over the world. For detailed information please contact marketing@gersonchina.cn.

Healing the Gerson Way

The world-famous book by Charlotte Gerson that systematically documents this great cancer fighting and chronic disease adverse solution created by the late Dr. Max Gerson, is now translated into a 19th language in the simplified Chinese. It is scheduled to be published in the early half of 2019. It is a significant achievement as Chinese is a language spoken by one quarter of the world’s population dominated by simplified Chinese.

Coming Soon!