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Max Gerson Foundation

Dr. Max Gerson, a brilliant physician and healer, considered by his lifelong friend and patient Nobel Laureate Dr. Albert Schweitzer to be “the most eminent medical genius to ever walk among us.”

In memory of Howard Gerson-Straus (1943-2019)

Howard Gerson-Straus was the grandson and biographer of Dr. Max Gerson, and the son of Charlotte Gerson. Max Gerson originated the holistic nutritional “Gerson Therapy" for advanced degenerative diseases.

Howard passed away near his home in Carmel, California after a heart attack on June 10, 2019.

The loss of Howard, just a few months after his mother Charlotte, was a compounded loss not only to the Gerson family, but also to the entire Gerson world and alternative treatment domain. Fortunately, Howard’s sister Margaret Straus has taken up the responsibility of leading the Max Gerson Foundation and will continue benefiting patients and suffering populations teaching the Gerson therapy – a life-style that helps prevent and treat many chronic incurable diseases.

Dr. Gerson developed over his long practice in Europe and the United States, a treatment with a history of healing the most “incurable,” lethal and intractable chronic illnesses, from hypertension and migraine headaches to type 2 diabetes, from osteo and rheumatoid arthritis to advanced “terminal” cancers of all types.  


Dr. Gerson’s ground-breaking books, articles and methods have been available to the medical world for nearly a century, yet profit-driven, allopathic, drug and surgery-oriented medicine insists (with no basis) that the Gerson Therapy is useless “quackery.”  

Due, at least in part, to the efforts of Cancer Research Wellness Institute, the public is getting more and more aware of holistic, natural treatments, and how much more powerful and effective, not to mention safer, they are than often over-powerful drugs, surgery and cancer-causing radiation. 


Through international and national lectures, books, interviews, documentaries and a weekly broadcast on the internet, millions of people have learned about this life-saving modality, and taken advantage of it to reverse their illness, improve their health and prevent the “dread” diseases of our time.