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Projects & Events


November 17, 2018 Howard visited Dayton, OH to attend the presentation of "The Man Who Killed the Cure," a play by prominent LA playwright Luke Yankee about the suppression and eventual assassination of Dr. Max Gerson. The playwright was there as well. Famous drama critic Rex Reed has given the play rave reviews.

March 9, 2019 The Max Gerson Foundation will hold a Memorial Event in Walnut, CA in honor of Charlotte Gerson, and her incredible achievements during her long and rich lifetime.  It will be held on March 9, 2019 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.  Space is limited, so attendance will be by invitation only, and the invitation will announce the venue.  If you wish to attend, please contact Anna Maria Aliano (alianoannamaria@yahoo.com) and tell her how many people you would like to bring, and your relationship with Charlotte Gerson or the Gerson Therapy.  We hope to see you there! (See the Home Page to view Charlotte's obituary.)


March 16, 2019 Howard will address a Naturopath's Congress in Duesseldorf, Germany on the importance and function of iodine in the Gerson Therapy.  

April 27, 2019 Gerson China and the Max Gerson Foundation will conduct their very first Chinese entry level training in the US, thanks to the support of Gerson China! This training is conducted in Mandarin only and will give you a basic yet comprehensive view of the Therapy, for you to understand how the Therapy  works and what it takes to start the healing journey.


Time: 9a.m. – 4:30p.m. April 27th (Sat.) 2019

Venue: Montclair, California (50 miles east of LAX airport or 8 miles west of ONT airport)


  • The origin of the Gerson Therapy

  • Cases of chronic diseases and cancer healing

  • Healing pillars of the Gerson Therapy

  • Common mistakes in implementing the therapy



$200, a Gerson-standard lunch is inclusive

(10% discount on early subscription prior to April 1st, or to a group of 3+ subscribing together)


How to subscribe:

Contact info@gersonchina.cn with subject line: “Gerson 1-Day Entry Training”

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Some of our important projects:

  • Lecturing in the US, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, among others, on the benefits of Gerson Therapy.

  • Continuing our weekly Internet broadcast on VoiceAmerica.com Health & Wellness channel, called “The Power of Natural Healing.” About 100,000 unique IP addresses from around the world tune in to this useful and informative program every week.

  • Bringing the Gerson Therapy to Mainland China. We have partnered with a Chinese health company and municipal and provincial government agencies to open a Gerson-oriented clinic about 300 km north of Beijing, in a relatively unpolluted area, with clean air and water, adjacent to an organic farm.

  • Working with publishers to have Charlotte Gerson and Beata Bishop’s flagship Gerson Therapy book (Healing the Gerson Way) translated and published in languages around the world. The book has now been translated and published in 20 languages.

  • Working with cinematographers and documentarians to produce media aimed at increasing the reach of knowledge of the Gerson Therapy around the world. Four documentaries and a short film are already bringing this information to the public, and a feature film based on Dr. Gerson’s biography is in the works. The four documentaries have been declared among the “top ten" cancer documentaries of all time, and the short film is a semi-finalist at the Burbank International Film Festival, to be shown in September, 2018.

  • We are regularly interviewed by health-oriented broadcasters around the world, due to the wonderful technology of the Worldwide Web on the Internet.

  • Working with a prominent Los Angeles playwright, Luke Yankee, to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the story on his latest play about the suppression and eventual assassination of Dr. Gerson by the medical industry. The play, “The Man Who Killed the Cure,” is to be presented in Dayton, OH just before Thanksgiving, 2018, by the Dayton Theater Guild. Famous drama critic Rex Reed has given the play rave reviews.

  • Along with the above projects to publicize the Gerson Therapy, we still counsel one or more desperate patients almost daily, patients who have been told they are “terminal” from a dread, degenerative illness. Virtually all of them can be helped with Dr. Gerson’s protocols.

This is a very ambitious program, but so much work needs to be done, we can offer no less, having a reliable and time-tested protocol that is known to heal virtually all chronic (“incurable”) diseases, with tens, even hundreds of thousands of recovered patients around the world.