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My name is Jamie Holmes and I'm a 34-year-old circus acrobat that recently visited your clinic in Mexico and am now THRIVING on this fantastic therapy with my stage 3 melanoma (that, by the way, is disappearing as we speak).


Like many Gerson patients, I'm trying to be as sponge-like as possible, soaking up as much info as I can with regards to the therapy, health, wellness, the pathetic and corrupt medical system, and anything else that pertains to healing. I listen to your radio show every day and am inspired each and every time I tune in.


I've been health conscious and what I thought was super healthy all of my life being a gymnast, professional dancer and circus performer. Of course, now I have a whole new perspective on that!!! In my changing of habits, I've converted a ton of friends into juicing, eating organic, and "enemizing"/coffee breaks, as we call it here in Toronto, Canada.


I'm healing and LOVING it. I've never been a McDonald's eater, sedentary, or someone that deals with a large amount of chemicals, but a fit, healthy positive person that STILL got cancer. My point being that this world is toxic and ANYONE, even the healthy ones, are susceptible to this, as you well know. And more so even when you THINK that you are healthy, you probably aren't...I know that was me!!! BUT now I know that you can change this, and take preventative measures that seem extreme at first, but really are common sense when you begin on your new healthy learning curve.


Trust me when I say people cannot believe that I have cancer, as I was supposedly THE poster girl for health. That being said, I didn't even know about GMO's until last year, even though my staple food my entire life has been salad - it was NEVER organic! Crazy hey!


I want to let people know to put in the effort, research, take control, DON'T listen to Dr's with sad faces giving you your survival rates, and stay healthy and happy.




Well, it’s been 5 years and I’m still here and feeling great!!!


I’m now 39 years old, still a professional acrobat, still juicing daily, still doing a coffee enema daily, still eating only organic, still drinking only clean water, still earthing, still taking different supplements pending what my body needs (directed by my naturopath/natural Dr.), still making sure I’m getting enough sleep, still trying to chill as much as possible, still learning all that I can with regards to health and loving every minute.


I definitely did a full lifestyle change when I was diagnosed and have stuck to it ever since.  And do I feel deprived…not one bit.  Empowered - hell ya!