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Where To Get Therapy

It’s come to our attention that people are having difficulty in getting to the Gerson clinic in Mexico. This is mainly due to the inability of the Institute to promptly return telephone calls and emails, and when they do, patients are not always referred to the original Gerson Therapy Clinic in Tijuana, which was founded by Charlotte Gerson and Dra. Alicia Melendez decades ago. We have therefore begun the effort to make sure that people in desperate situations, with little time to spare, can make the desired arrangements with minimal delay. 


We are setting up a smoother means of getting information to patients and helping them to book stays at the clinic, which is now called “Health Institute de Tijuana,” or HIT for short. Until we have permanent numbers and emails set up, you are welcome to call Howard Straus, President of the Max Gerson Foundation, at (831) 625-3565, or email him at Clinic@maxgersonfoundation.org or Info@maxgersonfoundation.org. Please note that even if you are forwarded to voicemail, we will do everything in our power to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. We have all the necessary forms and means to help you make your arrangements at HIT, and are committed to making the process as easy as possible.


HIT is the original and oldest Gerson clinic in Tijuana, and to date, the only Gerson certified clinic in the Western Hemisphere and has been in continuous operation for four decades. We recently visited the facility, and it is a loving and healing environment, constantly improved and upgraded. Our stay was very comfortable, and the staff took great care of us. As time and opportunity allow, Max Gerson Foundation staff (including Howard Straus) will be visiting patients, lecturing and spending some time there, as Charlotte did for many, many years.


We look forward to serving patients in need of natural healing!


Howard Straus, Pres.

The Max Gerson Foundation